Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama to Rob America for next four years

In 2006, a young Barack Obama spoke on the Senate floor, as recounted at his web site:

“The cost of our debt is one of the fastest growing expenses in the federal budget. This rising debt is a hidden domestic enemy, robbing our cities and states of critical investments in infrastructure like bridges, ports, and levees; robbing our families and our children of critical investments in education and health care reform; robbing our seniors of the retirement and health security they have counted on. . . . If Washington were serious about honest tax relief in this country, we'd see an effort to reduce our national debt by returning to responsible fiscal policies.”
— Barack Obama, Speech in the U.S. Senate, March 13, 2006

As this is listed on his campaign web site, one might assume this is a major campaign promise, to reduce our debt. But if you assumed that, you would be wrong, as Associated Press reports:

Barack Obama says John McCain's plan to balance the budget doesn't add up. Easy for him to say: It's not a goal he's even trying to reach.

Not only does Obama say he won't eliminate the deficit in his first term, as McCain aims to do, he frankly says he's not sure he'd bring it down at all in four years, considering his own spending plans.

"I do not make a promise that we can reduce it by 2013 because I think it is important for us to make some critical investments right now in America's families," Obama told reporters this week when asked if he'd match McCain's pledge.

So the debt is robbing America, and Obama wants to continue to rob America for the next four years.

I guess he's not serious about honest tax relief. Because if he was, according to Obama, he'd at least make an effort to reduce the national debt.

Obama -- Change you can count on.

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