Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Obama acknowledges troop's importance in Iraq -- still wants to surrender

In a surprising about-face, Obama today acknowledged that the troops in Iraq, far from being the waste of time he previously espoused, were doing important work:

From Obama considering Iraq visit:

"I think that if I'm going to Iraq, then I'm there to talk to troops and talk to commanders," he said in the interview. "I'm not there to try to score political points or perform. The work they're doing there is too important."

It's nice to have Obama on the right side of the war. Except that, according to his web site, he still wants to pull those troops out. Even though he thinks their work is too important to interrupt, his plan is to interrupt that important work.

Of course, while he says he isn't trying to score political points, his own campaign admitted the entire purpose of the trip was to score political points:

Obama's campaign has been considering an overseas trip since last year to beef up his foreign policy credentials, but the extended fight for the Democratic nomination with Hillary Rodham Clinton has delayed those plans.

Leave it to a liberal to think that the way to beef up your credentials is to visit foreign countries. In the real world, you beef up your credentials by actually DOING things.

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